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Author: Sanjay Hinduja

1 in 8 million? Sure, I’ll take it

Apparently, that’s the error rate for lunch deliveries made by Mumbai Dabbawalas. Okay let me slow down a bit – A Dabbawala literally means a guy who carries a box. So, a dabbawala in this context is someone who comes to your house, picks up a home-cooked meal and then delivers it to your family member/loved one/acquaintance at their workplace in time for lunch. These guys use trains and bicycles other than walking as their mode of transportation. We had the pleasure of watching these guys in action yesterday. About 5,000 dabbawalas deliver approximately 200,000 lunches each day. There...

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1500:1 ??? You’ve got to be kidding me!

We’ve done a few tours during our travels but I can’t think of a tour that made a deeper impact than the Dharavi tour we did earlier this week. Dharavi is the world’s third largest slum where more than 1 million people live and work in an area less than 1 sq. mile. For reference, that’s about the size of New York’s Central Park. I grew up less than 200 meters from Dharavi but never quite ventured to the other side of the tracks (literally). Surprisingly enough, most Bombayites haven’t visited Dharavi and seem to have very diverse opinions about...

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Minimalism Mumbai Style

As most of you know by now, we are spending a few weeks in Bombay. We’re staying in the apartment which I inherited from my parents. The place is dated and hasn’t been renovated in over 20 years. Its small, probably the size of a NYC studio. Living here though, it just hit me the other day – this is a great test for us to live a minimalist life. How so? you might ask.. Well, to begin with we don’t have an air conditioner in all the rooms. The one in the bedroom is 23 years old and...

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No insurance? No cops? No problem! This is Bombay my dear!

It was a balmy Thursday night and we were on our way to a fine dining restaurant not too far from my apartment. Our friends picked us up in an Uber. It was about 7:40 pm so traffic was pretty much business as usual – not exactly rush hour. Cars typically go 20 mph in this traffic. There is no concept of lanes in Bombay as most of you know and two-wheelers are the worst offenders – they drive fast, rash and don’t obey most of the road signs and traffic laws. Picture a road with multiple lanes of cars...

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Day trip to Toledo

Our first full day in Madrid started early and began with some excitement. We had a day trip planned to Toledo for which we had to be at the meeting point at 7:45 am. We decided to walk to the metro station and take the train instead of spending 20 Euros on a cab. #budgetminimalists. We were doing well until I realized I had entered Barrio de La Latina instead of La Latina train station on my phone. So we had to walk an extra 10 minutes to get to the station. At this point we were already running...

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